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Timber is one of the valuable gift of nature which contributes a lot, to build up the human civilization since primitive age. Despite the complex chemical nature, wood has excellent features which attracts human to widespread application in their day to day living.

Wood is Good, This goodness in wood emanates from its inherent qualities-natural, diverse, renewable and biodegradable. More so, it locks carbon, It demands very less energy for its manipulation and is amenable for industrialization. All these make wood the best among the materials available in the present world.

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World Environment Day 2020

Annually observed on June 5, World Environment Day stresses on the importance of everyone's active participation in environment conservation and sustainable living. This year, the theme is 'Celebrating Biodiversity'. As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic among other environmental disasters including cyclones, earthquakes and floods, it is now more than ever that everyone needs to come together to support environmental initiatives even in the smallest ways possible. It could mean starting as small as saving water at home or disposing waste by sorting out wet and dry waste.

Let's be To-gether to save our Planet

Launching & signing of MOU of Packaging material

Naval Kedia, Mansukh Patel (Federation) Ashok Kankadiya of (in packaging) at Ahmedabad on 09/03/2024

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