• To promote Communal Harmony and National Integrity through mobilizing constructive forces of the Society in the cause of National Unity and solidarity devising suitable community activities and programme, fostering fellow-feeling emphasizing the secular character of the country and discouraging communal ill-will and regional animosity.
  • To identify/catalogue the ancient Temples, Religious Centre, Holy Place, & to take care of Cultural heritage, image, Monuments, Sculptures etc. which are situated in the rural area, as to encourage setting of Tourism destination.
  • To encourage and support people to undertake research in plantation of trees including Aromatic, Ayurvedic and Medicinal Herbs.
  • To work for the impregnation of extinguished wild life and prevention of cruelty to animals.
  • To work for the benefit and rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped /Helpless people, Orphans, Child Labour, Minor communities, unemployed, Senior Citizens and destitute.
  • To hold camps to render minimum Education on Electronics & computer with a view to eradicating illiteracy about the latest Technology.
  • To organise Blood Donation Camps with collaboration with Government Blood Banks / Hospitals in different parts of the Country.
  • To organize Health Check up Camps in remote areas for under Privileged/ Rural/ Tribal population, in collaboration with NGOs/ Volunteer Organisations.