Timber is one of the valuable gift of nature which contributes a lot, to build up the human civilization since primitive age. Despite the complex chemical nature, wood has excellent features which attracts human to widespread application in their day to day living.

Wood is Good, This goodness in wood emanates from its inherent qualities-natural, diverse, renewable and biodegradable. More so, it locks carbon, It demands very less energy for its manipulation and is amenable for industrialization. All these make wood the best among the materials available in the present world.

Present days with the massive deforestation and extensive use of various non biodegradable products like Plastic etc, to meet the demand of growing Civilisation and increased Population the entire world passing through the challenges of Global warming, ecological imbalances, increased Pollution etc. To coup up with this challenge & to save the civilisation one of the important measure is to grow more plants and increase the application of Wood & its By-products.